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Pink Floyd Mousepads: Elevate Your Clicks and Unleash Your Inner Rock Star

Many computer users today opt to glide their mice across the bare desktop instead of using a mousepad. They assume that their high-tech mice will track smoothly regardless of the surface. However, the rough texture of a wooden or glass desk can scrape and damage mouse feet over time, reducing accuracy and responsiveness. More importantly, dropping a mouse on a hard desk surface may crack the casing or internal components, shortening its usable life.

That’s why dedicated mousepads like Pink Floyd designs remain useful accessories in the era of optical and laser mice. Our mousepads provide just the right amount of grip and glide for optimal cursor control. The rubber backing also prevents the pad from sliding around uncontrollably on your desk. With vivid graphics from classic album covers splashed across the surface, Pink Floyd mousepads inject some rock n’ roll flair into your computing setup. Give your hands and mouse something soft and stylish to play on while paying tribute to one of the most influential bands of all time. Protect your desk and mouse while showing off your exceptional music taste.

Pink Floyd Mousepads details and specs

Our Pink Floyd mousepads are more than just stylish tributes to a legendary band. They are also thoughtfully designed and constructed to optimally support your mousing needs.


Our Pink Floyd mousepads are available in several shapes and sizes to match your workspace. Choose from classic rectangular pads in dimensions of 9×8 inches, 12×10 inches, or an extra large 23.6×16 inches. We also offer a groovy circular pad with a diameter of 8 inches.


The mousepads feature a high quality construction with durability in mind. The surface material is a woven neoprene fabric that resists stains, fading, and wear from daily use. The bottom consists of a sturdy rubber base that grips your desktop to prevent unwanted sliding. The textured fabric surface provides the right amount of friction for smooth and accurate cursor control.


Our mousepads are optimized for both optical and laser mice. The rough weave is specially designed to enable precise tracking as you glide your mouse across the pad. You’ll enjoy top notch speed and control whether gaming, creating graphic designs, or browsing the web. The neoprene fabric also provides just the right amount of cushioning for all-day mousing comfort.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

All our mousepads are made only after you order to reduce waste. We use eco-friendly inks and processes to print the iconic Pink Floyd graphics onto the surface. The result is a high performance, stylish mousepad that also keeps the environment in mind.

How to Choose the Best Mousepad

The right mousepad can make all the difference in your computing comfort and cursor control. But with so many options on the market, how do you select the best one for your needs? Here are the key factors to consider when shopping for a Pink Floyd mousepad:

Surface Material

One of the biggest considerations is choosing a fabric that supports your mouse type. Our mousepads use a textured woven neoprene that enables smooth tracking for both optical and laser mice. The intricate weave provides just the right amount of traction to prevent slipping and instability. Neoprene also resists dust, stains, and deformation better than ordinary cloth.

Base Texture

A mousepad’s underside impacts performance as well. Our rubberized non-slip base grips desktops securely so your pad stays firmly planted. The durable rubber also conforms slightly to imperfect desktop surfaces to maximize stability on diverse surfaces.


The ideal size ultimately depends on your mousing habits and desk space. Small pads around 8×8 inches suit those with high mouse sensitivity who barely move their wrists. Larger pads like our 12×10 or 23.6×16 inch designs allow wide arm motion for lower sensitivity users. Just make sure to get a pad wide and long enough to cover your mouse’s entire typical range.


If you have limited room or just want maximum style points, try our 8-inch diameter circular pad. The round shape saves space while giving 360 degrees of Pink Floyd flair. Those wanting maximum mousing real estate will appreciate our largest rectangle option.

No matter your preferences for size, shape, or decor, we’ve got a beautifully designed Floyd pad to meet your needs. Enhance performance, comfort, and ambience with one stylish mousepad.

How to Use and Care Pink Floyd Mousepads

Our Pink Floyd mousepads are crafted for both top-tier performance and longevity with proper use. Follow these simple guidelines to get the most out of your Floyd pad’s tracking capabilities and vivid graphic design.

Using Your Pink Floyd Mousepad

Get the most out of your Floyd mousepad by following these handy tips:

Positioning – Place your new pad on a clean, smooth desk area directly in front of your keyboard and screen. Align it with the height and angle of your mouse arm to prevent uncomfortable stretching or bending of your wrist.

Adjust Sensitivity – Tweak your mouse’s tracking speed and sensitivity settings to optimize fluid cursor control on the neoprene fabric surface. Test different DPI levels on graphics tasks to fine tune responsiveness.

Practice Mousing – Try out natural sweeping arm or wrist motions across the full extent of the pad to experience top notch tracking. The intricate weave grabs your mouse just enough without restricting movement.

Caring for Your Pad

Keep your mousepad like new with simple regular maintenance:

  1. Clean the surface monthly using a damp soft cloth with a small amount of mild detergent. Gently rub to lift dirt and oils.
  2. Air dry naturally or use a hair dryer on a cool setting held 6 inches away to speed drying. Avoid direct intense heat from the dryer to protect the vibrant design.
  3. When not using for extended periods, roll up the pad loosely or store flat to prevent creases.
  4. Check the rubber base periodically for debris embedded in the grip texture to maximize anti-slip.

Follow these basic use and care steps and your high-performance Floyd pad will stand the test of time – just like the legendary band and its timeless music.

Choose from our range of high-performance Pink Floyd mousepads and enhance your mousing experience with both form and function. These durable, eco-friendly pads offer optimal tracking and space for graphics tasks, games, and casual browsing alike. Visit OtherBrick today and pick your favorite iconic album artwork to inject rock royalty into your desktop ecosystem.

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