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Pink Floyd Candles: Light Your Musical Imagination

For decades, Pink Floyd has ignited our collective musical imagination with their transcendent soundscapes. Now, ignite your senses and connect to their iconic artistry with our collection of handcrafted Pink Floyd candles.

Each candle in our collection pays tribute to a legendary album or era with artisanal details designed to transport you. The hypnotic glow reflects a light show of psychedelic sound. The aromatic profiles echo notes and lyrics with every flicker.

Wish You Were Here candles conjure bittersweet nostalgia with scents of Earl Grey tea and smoke. Relive The Wall with candles that emanate cold austerity. And when The Dark Side of the Moon candles swirl your space with pine and patchouli, you just might hear echoes of Syd Barrett’s playful genius.

Let the custom scents and artisanal craftsmanship of our Pink Floyd candles spark your imagination. Find the light, then sit back…and watch the show.

Exploring the Themes of Pink Floyd Candles

Pink Floyd candles offer a prismatic sensory experience, with scents transporting you through the band’s sonic landscapes.

A Prism of Scents, Moods, and Memories

Pink Floyd candles offer a multi-sensory way to connect with the band’s enveloping world of sound. Each candle in the collection illuminates a different facet of their artistic legacy.

Dark Side’s Cosmic Aura Captured

Candles infused with mystical scents let you sink into the cosmic aura of this crown jewel album. Smoldering notes of incense, patchouli and sandalwood echo the introspective musings on mortality and existential philosophy. Awaken your inner rebel with the fiery blend of mint and cedarwood.

Psychedelic Whimsy Brought to Life

Inhale the vibrant, kaleidoscopic essence of Pink Floyd’s early psychedelia distilled into candle form. Zesty citrus and sweet vanilla transport you back to the technicolor dreamscape of Wish You Were Here. Playful blends like green apple and honeysuckle exude the childlike delight of “See Emily Play.”

Calm in the Eye of the Storm

Discover soothing tranquility amidst Pink Floyd’s cosmic storm. Unwind in the lavender and chamomile notes reminiscent of “Comfortably Numb.” Inhale the pastoral serenity of “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” through floral and sandalwood fragrances. Vanilla and sandalwood whisper the poignant musings of “Time.”

Let our candles return you to treasured Pink Floyd moments and states of mind. Their scents are portals to planes of sound and feeling only this legendary band could conjure.

Pink Floyd Candle Details and Key Features

Our candles envelop you in immersive scents and artisanal details for a multi-sensory Pink Floyd experience.

  • Artisanal Craftsmanship to Light Your Senses: Our hand-poured Pink Floyd candles envelop you not just in fragrance, but in meticulous artisanal details.
  • Custom Scent Profiles: Each candle features an exclusive scent profile designed to evoke a Pink Floyd atmosphere. Apple Harvest channels the psychedelic crispness of early Floyd, while Sea Salt and Orchid capture the band’s celestial expansiveness.
  • Natural Soy Wax and Cotton Wicks: 100% natural soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks provide clean, even burning for full scent diffusion and 50-60 hours of enjoyment.
  • Reusable Vessels with Keepsake Labels: The sleek 9oz glass jars feature permanent adhesive labels with custom Pink Floyd-inspired designs, perfect for repurposing as decor when the candle is gone.
  • Conscientious Production: From recyclable packaging to essential oil-infused scents, we formulated these candles with care for you and the Earth. Made in the USA.

Treat your senses to the luminous craftsmanship of a Pink Floyd candle. Just remember to keep the candle in sight and away from children and pets when burning.

Candles Help You Curate an Immersive Pink Floyd Experience

Truly exceptional Pink Floyd candles marry evocative scents with artful design. Seek out hand-poured soy or beeswax candles from artisans who infuse meaning into every detail. Opt for candles bearing iconic album art, lyrics, or band imagery that elevate them from decor to conversation piece.

But a Pink Floyd candle offers more than visual appeal. Make the experience immersive by setting the stage. Dim the lights, put on your preferred Floyd album, and let the candle flame be your guide. Sink into the synergy between the music, the warming glow, and the aroma profile hand-chosen to complement it.

Use the candle to set your intention. Revisit a cherished memory seeing the band live. Find introspective stillness in a gentle acoustic solo. Or let your mind expand into the cosmic soundscapes. The candle focuses your senses, drawing you deeper into Pink Floyd’s universally relatable catalog.

Surround yourself with reminders of your candle’s essence even after it burns out. Repurpose the vessel to continue channeling your favorite album’s aura. Let every flicker and fragrance bring you back to the band that sparked your imagination.

Responsible Ingredients for Conscientious Fans

We craft our candles with care for both Pink Floyd fans and the planet. Our natural soy wax is grown sustainably while our cotton wicks are lead-free. Our recipes use essential oils and ethically-sourced botanicals. Our reusable glass vessels and recyclable packaging minimize waste.

We partner with artisans who share our values. Our candles are hand-poured in small batches and formulated without parabens, phthalates or synthetic dyes. From our solar-powered studio, we pour our passion for Pink Floyd into every thoughtfully-crafted candle.

Embrace the Pink Floyd Mindset with OtherBrick Candles

Let the custom scents and handcrafted details of OtherBrick candles ignite your senses and imagination. Each Pink Floyd Candle in our collection pays tribute to the visionary artistry of Pink Floyd through fragrance profiles designed to complement their groundbreaking music. Light one, breathe deep, and find your own connection to the catalogs that sparked your creativity. Curate your own Floydian experience with candles consciously crafted for fans like you by OtherBrick.

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