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Superb Quality

Great quality and just looks cool on the glass of my sliding door, leading out to the deck. Everyone that has seen it for the first time comments on it and asks me where I got it. So, I'm sure there's some business coming your way. Price is spot on, and turn around time seemed a bit long but it was so, so worth it. I love it

Pink Floyd rules!

These car decals are of the highest quality and I totally recommend buying. I've got several on my back car window and will be buying more for my next vehicle.

Great addition to my 50 yar collection of Floyd shirts! Keep up the good work!! Steve Adams

Shirt edges

Liked the shirt very much. The actual print did not quite match the pic on site because the edges of printing were “dotted” as how it was printed. So the print wasn’t solid to the edge of graphic.

Us to can conversion

I love everything about the shirts and all the apparel, the artwork is spectacular as well! But, I wish they would have been more clear or even mentioned that the final total is in USD , I didn't realize this until I saw my credit card statement and my bill was $200 more than the final amount after the conversion!!

Compared to your other

I like what I purchased from your store. But this one was plain. And unless you really knew what the shirt said and was about.. first glance would be probably passed of as another Pink Floyd shirt

Very nice !

The curtains are VERY nice.

5 star replacement!!

You absolutely came through. Hit it out of the park. Beyond happy. Thank you so much for listening to your customer's and making them feel like their money is well spent. Customer service is a dying industry, and it is refreshing to see someone go out of their way to make people happy. Again, thank you so much!!!

Great shirt, excellent service! Thank you

Pink Floyd rules!

High quality window decals. Highly recommend

It is a gift for my son. So I am sure he will love it

The Nest!

Good quality good fit.

Oh by the way which one is Pink?

Excellent quality. Beautiful design. Perfect size. Will make more purchases in the future.


Carpet background is not very black but more a washed out charcoal. Lots of paint or dye marks all over. Makes it look like it’s stained. All print is very faded as well. Thought it would be more vibrant.
Was hoping for better.

We apologize for the unsatisfactory experience you had with our recent order. We have been actively addressing this issue through direct communication via email. Kindly check your email or contact us at [email protected] for further assistance.

Solar t-shirt

Fun solar shirt with Peanuts characters to wear to an eclipse party!


Been 6 weeks, no order yet. Do yourself a favor and buy them somewhere else, 6 weeks to get an order is ridiculous! (Order still hasn't arrived).

We sincerely apologize for the unpleasant experience you have had. Our Canvas Shoes product undergoes meticulous craftsmanship and has a relatively longer production time compared to other products, which is why you received it later. We successfully delivered your order on March 22nd. If you still have not received your order, please check your email or contact us at [email protected] for further assistance.

Great memories

I bought this shirt at my first Floyd show August 18th 1988 in Detroit. I wore the crap out of it and had to throw it away. Regretted wearing it out. Greatful to OTHERBRICK for offering the shirt. Was a little disappointed in the finish of the print,( not vibrant or bold) plus the back green field has white speckles throughout. The shirt isn't perfect, but I guess it's close enough to not having one at all...

We appreciate your feedback and understand your sentiments regarding your recent purchase. To enhance the shirt's appeal, we intentionally added effects to give it a vintage style. However, if you prefer a version with clear and vibrant prints without the white speckles, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to ensure you're completely satisfied with your purchase.

>> We've recently made adjustments to our printing process to ensure the designs are sharper and the speckles are no longer present.


I've wanted a print of this picture forever.
When I saw Otherbrick had it for sale, I was thrilled. Not only as a print but as a 50x60 tapestry!
The colours are vibrant.
The details aren't even slightly fuzzy.
It is honestly one of the coolest Pink Floyd things I own.
Other brick is the absolute bee's knees.
Can't thank them enough for finally uniting me with this glorious art.
Floyd for life.
Ashes and Diamonds
Foe and Friend
We were all EQUAL in the end
Love you guys.
Truly and sincerely.

Thank you for choosing OtherBrick, and we wish you many more happy memories with your new tapestry. Rock on!

Pink Floyd Fans

If you love Pink Floyd..You will love these shirts . I chose a lyrics shirt. Color is vibrant good quality and ships fast !

Lovin my new phone case

It represents me and it’s durable.

Loved it

The ornament came before Christmas and my husband loved it. Thank you so much!