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Show Your Love for Pink Floyd with Stickers

Transform your car into a rolling tribute to progressive rock legends Pink Floyd. Our weatherproof vinyl car stickers allow fans to publicly display their Floyd fandom on the daily commute. These officially licensed stickers boast bold graphics of the band’s most iconic album covers. Select trippy prisms from Dark Side of the Moon, the artful modernism of Wish You Were Here or The Wall’s ominous edge. We offer designs spanning Pink Floyd’s avant garde catalog so you can decorate your car bumpers, windows and more with your favored era. Durable construction ensures Floyd artistry stays vibrant despite harsh road elements. Give your car rock royalty treatment with collectible stickers celebrating one of music’s most envelope-pushing forces. Let Pink Floyd stickers spark conversation among devotees everywhere your wheels take you.

Discover our Pink Floyd Car Stickers Details and Specs

Available in a range of sizes to fit your desired placement, our officially licensed Pink Floyd car stickers boast premium durability for vivid outdoor vinyl graphics that last.


  • 6 x 9 inches
  • 8 x 12 inches
  • 12 x 12 inches
  • 12 x 14 inches


  • Material: High performance transparent vinyl
  • Waterproof, UV-resistant and scratchproof surface for durability
  • Aerospace-grade adhesive prevents lifting or peeling
  • Finish: Glossy smooth texture
  • Allows for easy cleaning while resisting fading
  • Vibrancy: Eco-solvent inks
  • Environmentally friendly ink provides extraordinary color brilliance
  • Transparent backing prevents dulling for fade-free vibrancy
  • Care: Gently wipe clean with soft cloth
  • Avoid abrasive chemicals/materials

With weatherproof transparent vinyl able to withstand outdoor auto conditions, our stickers ensure Pink Floyd artistry stays bright for the long haul.

Benefits of Our Premium Car Stickers

From effortless application to vivid durability, our Pink Floyd car stickers deliver across the board.

  • Vibrant Designs: Our stickers replicate album art with extraordinary color accuracy. Crisp lines, hypnotic patterns and hints of surreal texture – every nuance translated in lifelike clarity.
  • Seamless Application: With aerospace-grade adhesive, the vinyls stick smoothly onto auto surfaces without bubbles or lifting. Position and reposition until the graphics sit perfectly flush.
  • Built to Last: Transparent vinyl composition and a protective gloss layer equip the stickers for intense outdoor conditions. These decals can power through sun, rain, salt and scratches without fading.
  • Creative Versatility: Available in multiple sizes and designs, the stickers allow for custom arrangements. Cover a bumper in Wall bricks or make Dark Side prisms into patterns. Get creative!
  • Removable Freedom: Adhere the stickers without worries – the non-permanent adhesive lets you remove or reposition graphics anytime without damaging paint. Change up looks on a whim.

Flaunt your Pink Floyd passion proudly and artfully with exceptional stickers engineered to handle road wear without losing luster. Let Floyd’s legacy ride eternal through durable album art.

How to Choose the Right Car Sticker

With an array of designs and sizes, tailor your Pink Floyd car sticker selection to your taste, real estate and protection priorities.

  • Pick Your Album: Are you into the zany experimentation of Ummagumma or the slick dystopian grandeur of The Wall? With art from seminal records, rep the era that started your Floyd fascination.
  • Consider Placement: Measure surfaces and visualize layouts balancing sticker visibility and coverage area. Use multiples for patterns or a bold singular graphic.
  • Mind the Size: From 6-inch decals ideal for sleek statements to 14-inch sprawls designed for maximum visibility, size for desired impact.
  • Protect the Paint: Identify locations prone to scrapes like bumper corners and edges to shore up defenses with vinyl shields printed with iconic album art.

With an unmatched Floyd sticker selection, deck out your ride in true OtherBrick. Showcase the catalog through road-ready album decals built to weather miles of musical devotion.

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