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Pink Floyd Auto Sun Shades: Protect Your Car and Show your love with rock music

Cruise the cosmos without leaving your car wearing OtherBrick‘s out-of-this-world Pink Floyd Auto Sun Shades. These psychedelic sunshades blanket interiors in the band’s iconic mystical album art while blocking harsh sun rays. Surreal prismatic patterns and shape-shifting silhouettes transform UV protection into atmospheric art. Durable nylon construction featuring heat-resistant dyes and UV coatings keep the chill vibes flowing in your mobile music sanctuary. Feel the dark side of the rainbow wash over you basking in brilliant cosmic visions straight from the legends’ vinyl wondered.

Types of Pink Floyd Auto Sun Shades

Choose from a psychedelic array of groovy Pink Floyd sunshade designs that block rays while boosting interstellar ambiance. Our collection translates the band’s iconic album art and eccentric visuals into trippy graphics for your mobile music sanctuary.

Album Art Sunshades:

  • Classic Covers: Display legendary album covers like Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, and Animals printed in vivid color.
  • Deep Cuts Art: Highlight the inner gatefold geometric designs of Ummagumma and A Momentary Lapse of Reason.

Themed Sunshades:

  • Prism & Light Shows: Washes of nebulous spectrums and rainbow prisms recreate the band’s famed live visuals.
  • Character Silhouettes: Subtle outlines of inflatable pigs and faceless men nod to Pink Floyd’s eclectic imagery.

No matter your preference, there’s a Pink Floyd auto sun shade out there that’s perfect for you. So crank up the tunes, roll down the windows, and let your car become your own personal Pink Floyd universe!

Pink Floyd Auto Sun Shades details and specs

Crafted from durable Oxford cloth lined with heat-resistant aluminum coating, our sunshades block UV rays while trapping your car’s chill atmosphere. The nylon fabric woven with metallic composite deflects sunlight’s harsh glare, reducing in-cabin temperatures by up to 50°F for more comfortable journeys.

We custom-tailor each shade to optimally fit your model’s windshield and side windows. Precise laser measurements account for curved or angled glass while our Computerized Graphics Alignment system prints the dizzying designs without distortion. Choose from two sizes to get the perfect picnic blanket coverage:

  • 54 x 27.5 in ~ 137 x 70 cm
  • 57 x 27.5 in ~ 145 x 70 cm

When not in use, the shades compact into portable pouches secured by drawstring closures. Their rounded edge seamlessly contours the glass to your window’s every curve without leaving gaps. Only non-scratch linings cradle the delicate tints and crystal-clear layers keeping your view unobstructed as Pink Floyd soundtracks the highway flying by.

Customize Your Ride with Pink Floyd Auto Sun Shades

Make your daily drive a trip through the cosmos by customizing your windows with Pink Floyd sun shades. Our made-to-order shades let you choose the album art, colors, and quotes that transform your car into a psychedelic sanctuary on wheels. (111 words)

Pick Your Favorite Album Artwork

Immerse yourself in the iconic imagery from your top Pink Floyd albums. Choose from the prism triangle spectrum of Dark Side of the Moon, the faceless businessmen of Wish You Were Here, or the infamous Animals flying pig. Select the album cover art that speaks to you and reflects your favorite musical journey with the band.

Select Trippy Background Colors

Surround the classic album visuals with custom color schemes straight from the band’s kaleidoscopic light shows. Opt for blacklit rainbow prisms recalling Dark Side of the Moon tour projections. Choose stark white spotlights like the emotive pinpoints of Pulse tour performances. Or envelop your shade in inky cosmic darkness speckled with stars. With endless Pink Floyd color palette options, you can match your car’s interior lighting for an immersive experience. (114 words)

Add Inspiring Quotes

Quote your favorite lyrical passages to surround yourself in Pink Floyd’s poetic mysticism. “Breathe, breathe in the air” or “We’re just two lost souls” — select words that resonate most with your personal connection to the band’s music. Adding quotes lets you curate a shade with deeper meaning that tells your Pink Floyd story.

With endless combinations offered by OtherBrick, you can design one-of-a-kind shades that transform your daily drives into far-out, immersive journeys. Pink Floyd sun shades by OtherBrick let you cruise the cosmos in psychedelic style.

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