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Experience Maximum Comfort with Pink Floyd Quilt

Immortalize Pink Floyd’s iconic artistry in the form of a cozy quilt. Our handcrafted designs celebrate the band’s avant-garde musical legacy with hypnotic prismatic swirls, effigies of absence shaking hands aflame, and cold unfeeling bricks stacking high. Whether you seek the psychedelic soundscapes of Dark Side’s rainbow fractals, Wish You Were Here’s poignant graphic of loss, or The Wall’s imposing weight of trauma and madness, a Pink Floyd quilt ensconces you in the soulful art that defined them. For devotees and new fans alike, these one-of-a-kind quilts are sublime tributes, wrapping you in Floyd’s boundary-breaking creativity.

The Kaleidoscope of Pink Floyd Quilts

Pink Floyd’s artistic legacy spans the spectrum from surreal to psychedelic, somber to eccentric. Our quilt collection reflects the full kaleidoscope of their iconography and music.

Iconic Covers Reimagined

The mesmerizing refracted light of Dark Side’s prism, Wish You Were Here’s sepia-toned handshake, and The Wall’s ominous bricks – these legendary album covers live on in quilt form. Snuggle under the hypnotic glow of the prism or wake up to Wish You Were Here’s peaceful landscape.

Lyrical Landscapes Brought to Life

Pink Floyd’s reality-bending lyrics are fertile ground for textile inspiration. Swirling clocks and melting landscapes visualize the existential musings of “Time.” A patchwork of cold bricks and barbed wire evokes the dystopian world of “Another Brick in the Wall.” Their lyrical landscapes are reborn in fabric.

Musicians Immortalized in Patchwork

Pay homage to Pink Floyd’s iconic members by quilting their likenesses. Depict the soulful gaze of David Gilmour or the enigmatic stare of Roger Waters. Or showcase the full band in a quilt that captures their collective creative genius.

Psychedelic Artistry in Stitchcraft

Channel Pink Floyd’s psychedelic artistry in your own stitchcraft. Experiment with hypnotic patterns, surreal fabrics, and kaleidoscopic colors. Bring your inner Syd Barrett out to play.

Pink Floyd Quilt Thoughtfully Designed for Everyday Coziness

Our Pink Floyd quilts are crafted for both visual impact and everyday use.

  • Unique Prints: Exclusive patterns feature iconic imagery like the prism, handshake, and brick wall. Choose your favorite Pink Floyd album art to showcase.
  • Soft Materials: The lightweight polycotton top provides a smooth, breathable feel. The lofty polyester fill mimics the warmth of down.
  • Durable Construction: Double-stitched seams and premium materials allow repeated machine washing and drying without damage. Vibrant dyes maintain richness for years.
  • Vivid Colors: Quilts come in a spectrum of colors reflecting Pink Floyd’s signature psychedelic look. Photography may not show full vibrancy.
  • Ultimate Comfort: The quilts provide plush, cradling warmth without extra weight. Easy care allows enjoying their soft feel wash after wash.

With thoughtful construction and vivid, recognizable designs, our quilts promise to keep you cozy while showing your Pink Floyd passion. Their quality makes them fitting tributes to the band’s artistic legacy.

Tailor Your Pink Floyd Quilt for a Unique Creation

Make your Pink Floyd quilt a true reflection of you by customizing it. Our quilts are lovingly handmade to order so you can add your own special touches.

For a meaningful personalization, have your name, favorite lyric, or special date embroidered right into the quilt. See your choice of name or words stitched elegantly in the fabric as a constant reminder.

Select from our wide range of background colors and patterns to find the perfect palette for your quilt. Complement it with additional throw pillows or shams in colors that enhance your design.

Choose the ideal size for your space and needs, from a cozy twin up to a commanding king. Picture how your perfect size quilt will look draped on your bed or folded on the couch.

With so many ways to make it your own, you’re limited only by your imagination. Build your dream tribute to Pink Floyd’s legacy. Customize every detail so your quilt reflects the Floyd fan in you.

Ethically Produced for an Inherently Better Quilt

At OtherBrick, we believe in compassionate, earth-friendly production. Our goal is to make quality Pink Floyd quilts that also benefit people and the planet.

We use OEKO-TEX certified fabrics free of harmful chemicals. Your quilt is safe for your home and the environment.

Our solar-powered manufacturing facility enables production powered by clean energy from the sun. We work to reduce waste and recycle materials.

Whenever possible, we use ethically sourced, organic cotton grown sustainably without excessive water or pesticides. Your quilt contributes to better farming.

We partner with fair trade artisans and vendors, because human rights matter to us.

Every step of the process focuses on ethical decisions for the good of all. The result is inherently better quilts you can enjoy guilt-free.

Experience Pink Floyd in a Whole New Way with OtherBrick

Find your perfect Pink Floyd quilt, customized to your taste, at OtherBrick. Our collection of quilts pays tribute to the band’s artistry through fabric. Choose an iconic design, make it your own, and wrap yourself in musical history. Ethically produced for quality that benefits both you and the world. Stay cozy and rock on with

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