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Pink Floyd Spare Tire Cover: Show Your Love for the Band

As one of history’s most groundbreaking psychedelic rock bands, Pink Floyd reshaped both music and visual art with era-defining albums like The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, and The Wall. Pay tribute to the avant-garde musical icons by adorning your vehicle with OtherBrick’s Pink Floyd spare tire covers. Our premium tire jackets feature stunning recreations of the band’s trippiest album artwork printed on durable outdoor vinyl. Choose your favorite cover starring the Dark Side prism, the Wish You Were Here businessman, or The Wall’s ominous artwork. With eye-catching designs and heavy-duty construction, our Pink Floyd spare tire covers offer easy ways to flex your fandom while shielding tires in trippy surreal style.

Heavy-Duty Materials Shield Tires in Style

OtherBrick’s Pink Floyd spare tire covers blanket your wheel backups in protective comfort while boosting your rear style. Crafted from 3-layer Oxford fabric lined with waterproof vinyl PU coating, the rugged jackets shield vulnerable rubber from weathering elements. The durable exterior fabric resists UV rays, heat, rain, mud, and road debris that can prematurely crack tires. Softer inner fleece cushioning prevents abrasions during installation and removal while trapping air flow.

Built to contour snugly, adjustable pull strings and elasticized edges deliver a tailored fit. An oversized back-up camera access port fits most vehicles’ reverse recording equipment. The openings never obstruct the view or sensor functionality. Made extra large to accommodate trucks, ATVs and RVs, the fabric’s flexibility custom-conforms around different tire sizes. Durable materials and a tripped-out Pink Floyd print mean these covers protect essential spares in psychedelic style.

The Benefits of Pink Floyd Spare Tire Covers

Elevate your ride’s rear view with OtherBrick’s Pink Floyd spare tire covers – the ultimate fusion of protection and fandom.

  • Heavy-Duty Fabric: Thick 3-layer Oxford cloth lined with waterproof vinyl shields vulnerable rubber from weathering wear. The rugged exterior withstands years of UV rays, rain, mud and debris.
  • Iconic Album Art: Vibrant graphics recreate trippy Pink Floyd album art in vivid color. Dark Side prisms, Wish You Were Here businessmen and more instantly identify your musical taste.
  • Universal Fit: Extra-large sizing fits everything from small sedan donuts to massive truck and RV tires. Adjustable drawstrings and stretchy hem custom-fit the fabric to any wheel.
  • Quick Installation: Just stretch our Pink Floyd tire cover over your spare and cinch the handy pull strings for a tailored contour. Switch designs or access your wheel fast with the convenient removable style.

Blend strength, style and self-expression with OtherBrick’s spare tire jackets.

Finding Your Perfect Psychedelic Fit

Transform your ride’s rear view with a Pink Floyd spare tire cover customized to your car and style. Follow these tips to select the ideal tire jacket.

  • Measure Spare Tire Diameter Whip out a tape measure and gauge the full round width of your spare tire in inches. This ensures choosing a cover sized big enough to stretch over the diameter with extra play.
  • Note Tire Depth The tire’s sidewall height also impacts ideal cover sizing. Shallower donut spares need less fabric than deep truck tires to drape without sagging. Jot down width and depth for the best size match.
  • Pick Captivating Album Art With the measurements handy, browse different Pink Floyd cover art options sized to fit. Choose your favorite album sleeves from Wish You Were Here, Dark Side or The Wall to showcase your band preferences.
  • Consider Material Weights Heavier vinyl materials provide the toughest weather protection while lightweight polyester offers affordable durability. Assess your climate and road conditions to select the ideal wear-resistance.

With accurate sizing and vibrant Floyd designs, discover the perfect tailor-fit tire jacket to ignite your rear view.

Securing Your Psychedelic Shield

Cloaking your spare in a Pink Floyd tire cover only takes a few simple steps. Just follow this quick guide to properly fitting our spare tire jackets:

  1. Open the elasticized cover mouth and guide the fabric over the top of the tire. Feed the whole wheel in until it emerges from the camera access hole.
  2. Pull the drawstrings at the base, cinching the cover edge completely onto the wheel. Tighten evenly until the cover hugs the entire diameter snugly.
  3. Ensure the camera hole aligns properly over any reverse recording equipment without obstruction. Check the adjusted string tension to confirm a secure contour fit.
  4. Repeat and readjust the spare cover any time you swap wheels for fastening confidence.

With OtherBrick’s simple yet reliable installation process, you can easily shield your spare in psychedelic durability.

Step into Pink Floyd Style with Custom Spare Tire Covers

OtherBrick’s Pink Floyd spare tire covers blend durable defense and trippy style upgrading for all ride types. Our rear shields install in moments while boosting psychedelic design appeal. With stunning album art, contingency-ready construction and a tailored look, our jackets deliver personality to plain wheel backups. Let OtherBrick spare covers express your Pink Floyd passion each time you pop the hatch.

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