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Take a Sip of Psychedelia with Pink Floyd Tumblers

Gulps of water, sips of coffee, and mouthfuls of your favorite beverages become a transcendent experience inside Pink Floyd Tumblers. These stainless steel cups transfer the band’s surreal imagery onto durable drinkware to infuse your daily hydration with cosmic flare. Vibrant colors wrapping 360 degrees transform ordinary liquids into elixirs from another dimension. Outline the alternate landscapes in frosted accents as the prismatic vessel chills contents without condensation. Each refreshing sip pays tribute to legends who redefined rock’n roll, one album at a time.

Pink Floyd Tumblers details and specs

Our Pink Floyd tumblers encapsulate your favorite elixirs in surreal style thanks to durable double-walled stainless steel construction. The exterior SUS304 layer withstands dents and dings while the inner wall contains an insulating vacuum seal. This thermos-like barrier retains hot liquids’ steamy warmth for 12 hours and frosty chill for 24, regardless of external temperatures.

Vibrant album art and custom graphics wrap 360° around the 17 oz capacity vessel, outlined in frosted accents. The electrifying designs won’t fade or peel even through heavy usage, unlike printed plastic competitors. Flip top lids with flexible straws make sipping serene in motion. Plus the built-in finger loop offers superb grip if enjoying leisurely at home.

The entire tumbler spans 3.5” diameter by 9.5” height for compact portability. Slight variations in tone and dimensions up to 2cm occur given each cup’s handmade craftsmanship. But these quirks only enhance their one-of-a-kind character.

Benefits of owning Pink Floyd Tumblers

Beyond quenching thirst on the material plane, OtherBrick’s Pink Floyd Tumblers provide a multitude of benefits extending through the astral realm. On a functional level, the double-walled stainless steel construction retains hot and cold temperatures for hours, keeping contents crisp and refreshing. The durable exterior withstands daily wear-and-tear far longer the single-use plastic or paper. Carry your favorite elixirs anywhere without worrying about messy spills thanks to the secure-seal lid.

But more importantly, each psychedelic sip connects you to the band’s profound legacy. Tapping into nostalgia, the custom graphics prompt forgotten memories and emotions tied to the music. Passing fans may comment or recount their own meaningful stories. And displaying your merch at parties or shows forges new bonds over this shared cultural touchstone. Let the artwork spark existential conversations as you ponder life’s mysteries through the prism of Pink Floyd insights. However you groove with the tunes, these tumblers turn hydration into a far-out celebration.

The Perfect Gift for Any Pink Floyd Fan

Surprise your favorite Pink Floyd fanatic with the trippy treat they never knew they needed – a tumbler emanating the band’s mystical charm with each surreal sip. These cosmic cups make excellent gifts for any occasion to show you care while fueling their fandom.

  • Birthday Gift – Mark another voyage around the sun by toasting the milestone with their favorite drink inside a Pink Floyd vessel. Feel the warm and fuzzies with every grateful gulp.
  • Holiday Gift – Stuff their stockings with Pink Floyd tumbler to infuse festive eggnogs and hot chocolates with merry music memories.
  • Graduation Present – Congratulate their momentous achievement by letting them take the band along during the exciting new adventures that await post-college.
  • Just Because – You need no special reason to spontaneously spoil your loved one with a tumbler transforming their daily hydration routine into a far-out celebration.

With vibrant album art wrapping three dimensions in frost accents, every sip from a Pink Floyd tumbler pays tribute to legends who redefined rock’n roll one song at a time.

Choosing the Right Tumbler

With custom Pink Floyd graphics wrapping each tumbler 360°, choosing the right size and design proves critical to maximize enjoyment. Consider where, when, and what you will likely drink most to determine ideal capacity. Our 17 oz vessels fit two cups of coffee or several cocktails – perfect for sharing the psychedelic magic. While the 25 oz mega-gulper sustains your own all-day hydration from first commute through evening Netflix binge.

And selecting a favored album cover or artistic motif you personally connect with bolsters the bond with your cup. Perhaps Dark Side’s iconic triangle prism refracting the color spectrum suits most scenarios. Or channel chill poolside vibes sipping from Wish You Were Here’s melty human forms. For music fans seeking more obscure references, even deeper album cut art gets the spotlight. Whichever Pink Floyd era speaks to you, find a tailored match then drift away absorbing hidden details in newly transformed drinks.

Step through the looking glass with every refreshing sip from OtherBrick’s Pink Floyd Tumblers. These psychedelic vessels cast drinks in surreal spectra, infusing hydration with otherworldly artistry. Let the music liquefy reality as you unlock hidden dimensions meeting your lips. Welcome to OtherBrick – a state of euphoric enlightenment in every drop.

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