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Take the ultimate trip back to 1973 and immerse yourself in the magic of Pink Floyd’s seminal Dark Side of the Moon with our stellar collection of merchandise. From apparel to art prints, these products spotlight the album’s iconic prism artwork along with its avant-garde sounds and contemplative lyrics that probe the depths of the human condition.

Our Wish You Were Here graphic tee features the album title hovering above two burning figures shaking hands – paying somber homage to former member Syd Barrett. For more colorful flair, check out the Dark Side prism mirror, refracting your reflection into a rainbow spectrum. Hang it in your room and watch your image splinter into “Brain Damage” duality.

The Clock Face throw pillow displays the transition ticking clocks, representing the inevitable march of Time that we all face as mortals. Lay your head down and ponder your own days slipping by as “Time” and “The Great Gig in the Sky” echo in your ears.

And for true vinyl junkies, cop our custom Dark Side of the Moon turntable with glowing rainbow prism platter. Drop the needle and watch the colors shine brighter with each rotation. Crank “Money” loud and laugh at the clanging cash registers while appreciating how this 51-year-old LP still feels so relevant.

Pay your mad respect to one of music’s most sacred recordings with OtherBrick’s stellar line of Pink Floyd offerings. From wearables to wall art, they spotlight why Dark Side remains unequaled decades later. Shine on crazy diamonds!