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Adding Comfort and Style to Your Home With Pink Floyd Rug

Step into the psychedelic world of Pink Floyd with our far-out rug collection. Vibrant, trippy designs burst with the band’s rebellious spirit, from the iconic Dark Side prism to The Wall’s gritty illustrations. As you lounge on these plush floor coverings, it’s like you’re front row at a 70s arena show. Expertly woven with concert-worthy durability, each rug transforms your room into a rock n’ roll time capsule. The non-slip backing grips the floor as you air guitar across the soft, shaggy pile. Whether you’re a ultra-fanatic or casual listener, these rugs let you rock out in comfort. With an artsy album cover underfoot, you’ll feel like you’re soaring through space on a musical journey powered by Pink Floyd’s cosmic imagination.

Why Choose Our Pink Floyd Rugs?

If you’re looking for a high-quality rug with a unique design, here are some reasons why our Pink Floyd Rug should be your top choice:

  • Iconic, Trippy Designs: Surround yourself with the legendary album artwork and psychedelic graphics that defined Pink Floyd’s career. Our rugs recreate their avant-garde style.
  • Plush Durability: Expertly woven from ultra-durable, stain-resistant fibers like polypropylene, these rugs withstand years of lounging and rocking out. The indulgent pile is soft underfoot.
  • Vivid, Fade-Resistant Colors: Just like your favorite PF albums, these designs will never go out of style. Our advanced dyeing techniques ensure the neon hues stay vibrant wash after wash.
  • Artistic Flair, Limitless Uses: With an array of sizes and shapes, these groovy rugs complement any room. Use them to make a statement in your music studio, living area, bedroom or entryway.
  • Budget-Friendly Prices: Get iconic PF album cover style at a reasonable price. Compared to other licensed brand rugs on the market, ours are very competitively priced.
  • Unique Gift for Fans: For devoted Floyd followers, our rugs make a special gift. The iconic designs showcase their passion for the music and boundary-pushing creativity.

How to Choose the Right Rug for Pink Floyd fan

Measure the space where you plan to place the rug. Make sure to get accurate dimensions so you can choose the right size rug. Go a few inches wider than your furniture.

Consider your room’s color palette and style. A bold Pink Floyd rug can liven up a neutral room. But in a space with lots of color, a more subtle design may fit better.

Pick your favorite album artwork or graphic. Do you love the Dark Side prism or Wish You Were Here robotic handshake? Let your top album inspire your rug choice.

Select a material that matches the room’s needs. Wool is soft but high-maintenance. Polyester and polypropylene are kid and pet-friendly options.

Choose a shape to suit the space. Round rugs work well in open floor plans while rectangles look nice in living rooms. Runners complement hallways.

Factor in high traffic areas. Heavily used spaces like entryways may benefit from easy-clean synthetic fibers over plush wool.

Read product dimensions carefully. Always measure to confirm the rug will fit nicely in its designated spot without bunching or shifting.

Express Yourself with Legendary Album Art

Pink Floyd’s avant-garde album covers are as iconic as the music itself. Now you can have those trippy graphics underfoot with OtherBrick‘s licensed Pink Floyd rug collection. Each rug transforms your space with the psychedelic designs that defined a generation – from Dark Side’s prismatic triangle to Wish You Were Here’s eerie handshake.

At OtherBrick, we recreate PF’s artistry with an obsessive eye for detail. Our advanced weaving techniques expertly capture the vibrant colors that made albums like The Wall pop. And we only use durable, stain-resistant materials that withstand decades of musical memories.

Before ordering your Floyd rug from OtherBrick, measure your space carefully. Make sure to factor in furniture placement so your rug has breathing room. If colors are bold, go for a more subtle design. In a neutral room, inject life with a vibrant graphic. Pick your top album then select a size, shape and material to suit your needs.

With OtherBrick‘s officially licensed rugs, you can rock out in style. Surround yourself with PF’s avant-garde creativity as you lounge on that soft, indulgent pile. Let our Pink Floyd rugs bring a retro, artsy vibe to your home.

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