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Beyond its anti-establishment themes, Pink Floyd’s 1977 dystopian masterpiece “Animals” spawned surreal imagery and characters that endure across artistic mediums. Now fans can surround themselves with tributes to the album’s enduring menagerie and social commentary through OtherBrick’s clothing, accessories, home goods and literature exclusively devoted to Animals.

The Wish You Were Here graphic tee surrounds you in the album’s titular creatures. Walk among the judgemental flock in cotton-soft style right alongside the prophet pig breezing past smokestacks as seen on mugs and posters. Then slip on the dogs runner shirt and sprint through the rat race alongside the suit-clad masses scurrying through the lyrics.

But Animals merch is more than surreal allegories in soft merch. Hardcover coffee table books decode the conceptual commentary behind each character sculpted into vinyl figurines. Matching pint glasses lift spirits while raising questions about inequality’s many forms. Limited edition screen prints thrust the iconic cover art into closeup clarity.

After all, Roger Waters integrated pointed social criticism into Animals’ sprawling soundscapes for a reason. Now OtherBrick assists devoted fans eager to proudly delve deeper into the album’s layers of meaning. Surround yourself with both the initial imagery and embedded insight from Pink Floyd’s underrated masterstroke of calculated rebellion.

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