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Pink Floyd added an astonishing entry to their venerable catalog in 2022 with “Hey Hey Rise Up” – their first new music in 28 years. Initially a tribute to embattled Ukraine and lead singer Andriy Khlyvnyuk of Boombox, this soaring track soon swelled into a global anthem of unity and resilience.

OtherBrick now immortalizes this raw, timely gem with an exclusive lineup of merchandise spotlighting the track’s inspiring origins and themes. The Hey Hey Rise Up tee folds powerful Ukrainian sunflower imagery into Roger Waters’ iconic “The Wall” sleeve art, uniting British rock royalty with Eastern European perseverance.

Our enamel pin also depicts this hybrid visual – the flowering securiya wheat pinned upon the brick backdrop along with the Ukrainian flag colors. Wear it with honor, remembering the oppressed can blossom even through concrete barriers.

And few items better capture the song’s poignant genesis than the “Oh, The Red Viburnum” Lyric Poster. This stunning fine art print presents the Ukrainian folk verse that sparked it all, the melancholy melody molded into Pink Floyd’s hallmark sound. Display it proudly and explain how art and music unite across languages.

Twenty-eight years since their last record, Pink Floyd proves with “Hey Hey Rise Up” that masters never lose their touch. And OtherBrick ensures theireffort to elevate Ukraine’s plight will continue inspiring fans worldwide. Visit our store today to own a piece of hope.