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Shine on in iconic Pink Floyd style with Eclipse, a stellar 2011 compilation celebrating the band’s later era classics on formats like CD, deluxe CD, and an immersive 4-CD collector’s set. The album also spawned a galaxy of Floyd merchandise for fans to rock remastered tracks from stone-cold masterpieces like “Dark Side of the Moon,” “Wish You Were Here,” and “The Wall.” Slip into the smooth cotton fibers of a dark side t-shirt, with prism triangle graphics glowing vibrantly across your chest. Warm your hands around a steaming mug bearing the iconic Floyd pyramid design between sips of English breakfast tea. Sink your toes into the plushcomfort of a shag rug bathing your floor in the band’s dreamy light show looks. However you chill and thrill to these remastered Floyd gems, Eclipse shines eternal light on the band’s ascendance to the rock n’ roll stratosphere. This stellar compilation blasts the concert experience home in mementos for fans to proudly display across out-of-this-world Floyd fashion, drinkware, and more.