What Are Some Bands Like Pink Floyd?

Pink Floyd has inspired millions of bands over the past five decades with their boundary-pushing progressive rock and psychedelic sounds. If you are a Rock music fan and searching for bands like pink floyd then you have come to the right place. Through this article we will introduce 14 bands that embody the creative spirit of the legendary Pink Floyd while putting their own unique spin on the formula.

Led Zeppelin

Even though their music sounds really different, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd have a lot in common. Both bands were total rule-breakers that tried new things other groups were afraid to do. Pink Floyd experimented with trippy effects and unusual instruments to create their cool, spacey songs. Meanwhile, Led Zeppelin cranked up guitars and drums to the max to pioneer crazy-loud hard rock mixed with folk and even disco vibes.

Both bands made complex songs that were still catchy and fun to listen to. Led Zeppelin has those iconic opening guitar riffs that get stuck in your head. And like Pink Floyd guitar god David Gilmour, Jimmy Page always blows you away with his epic solos. So if you love Pink Floyd but wish they rocked a little harder, check out the godfathers of heavy metal, Led Zeppelin!

The Beatles

At first, The Beatles seem totally different from spaced-out bands like Pink Floyd. But even if their mop-top haircuts and happy pop songs feel worlds away, The Beatles totally set the stage for trippy groups to come! When The Beatles got bored of being cute teen idols, they started using crazy effects and weird instruments to create mind-blowing songs no one had heard before. Late Beatles albums like “Sgt. Pepper” and “Revolver” showed the world that rock bands could be SUPER creative and push limits. The Beatles wrote the rule book that psychedelic rock groups like Pink Floyd would later follow to fame.

Though their lyrics stayed cheerful, they pioneered the out-there production tricks that Pink Floyd used to craft entire weird worlds in their concept albums. So next time your parents play early Beatles songs, thank them for paving the way for your fave space cadet bands!


Sure, they’re both huge legendary bands, but musically AC/DC and Pink Floyd are night and day! When you crank up classic AC/DC songs like “Back in Black,” be prepared for simple, super catchy guitar licks about partying all night long. Meanwhile, trippy Pink Floyd hits like “Another Brick in the Wall” dive deep into crazy sound effects and outer space themes. You’re more likely to see AC/DC putting on a straightforward, high-energy show compared to Pink Floyd’s over-the-top laser light displays.

And if you peek at their lyrics, AC/DC keeps things fun while Pink Floyd goes deeper and darker. So even though your dad probably loves both bands from back in his day, AC/DC will pump you up for your next skate sesh, while Pink Floyd will take you on a weird mind journey far out into space! Two iconic groups, but total opposites.

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones have been the gritty bad boys of rock n’ roll since the 1960s with pump-up hits about partying and rebellion. Meanwhile, Pink Floyd dove into sci-fi worlds and psychedelic sounds to become wizardly masters of concept albums. You’ll find The Stones belting straightforward blues rock on stage as Mick Jagger shakes his moves hard. But at a Pink Floyd concert, trippy special effects burst as David Gilmour’s guitar speaks a freaky alien language.

Though they totally differ in style, both bands rule! The Rolling Stones make you feel like dancing wild. And Pink Floyd? Well their Dark Side of the Moon record will rocket you straight out of this world! So whether you want to party or space travel, these two mega legends deliver the rock gods’ goods.

Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses and Pink Floyd. Two of the biggest rock bands ever! While most people think they’re totally different, they do have some things in common.

Let’s start with the basics. Guns N’ Roses exploded onto the 1980s rock scene with their super high energy hard rock and metal songs like “Welcome to the Jungle.” Axl Rose’s wild vocals and Slash’s blazing guitar solos absolutely shred!

Meanwhile, Pink Floyd hit their peak years earlier, in the 1960s and 70s. They play epic, trippy progressive rock with songs that feel like journeys. David Gilmour’s guitar rains emotion while Roger Waters lays down brains-y lyrics. Chill but deep.

So you can see, they have pretty different styles and vibes. But here’s what links them together:

First, both bands now rank among the most famous in rock history. They’re pretty much legends!

Also, they’ve inspired countless other groups. Without trailblazers like Guns N’ Roses, there may not even be bands like Mötley Crüe and Skid Row! And Pink Floyd paved the way for a lot of thinkers and dreamers.

Finally, if you mixed members from each band, it would absolutely rule. Can you imagine Axl Rose shredding a guitar duel with David Gilmour? Slash crafting solos over Waters’ gloomy lyrics? Now that’s a show I want tickets for!


Sure Pink Floyd ruled back in your parents’ time, but Radiohead carries their weird, experimental spirit into the modern age. Like Pink Floyd, Radiohead creates entire worlds inside mind-bending albums like “OK Computer.” Their music pulls from rock and electronica to twist normal sounds into something alien. Lyrically, both bands tap into outsider themes of sadness and anger. While Pink Floyd uses crazy guitar and light shows to amplify their trippy vibes, Radiohead relies more on lonely pianos, beepy beats, and Thom Yorke’s signature falsetto wail to express their lonely rebellion.

So if Pink Floyd captures your parents’ teenage angst years, Radiohead does the same for today’s youth. Their eerie, future electronic rock continues Pink Floyd’s legacy – except angsty kids now brood on laptops instead of blacklight posters! Radiohead keeps Floyd’s radical creative spirit alive for a new generation.

Dire Straits

If you overhear Dire Straits or Pink Floyd blasting from your dad’s garage, both might seem like basic old bands. But listen closer and you’ll spot big differences between these rock icons! When Mark Knopfler’s silky guitar licks kick in on hits like “Sultans of Swing,” Dire Straits pulls you into stories about funny characters or epic history tales. Their music sounds laidback, like kicking back around a campfire. Meanwhile, Pink Floyd’s spacey epics like “Another Brick in the Wall” launch you on lonely sci-fi voyages out to the furthest reaches of space!

Their otherworldly sound effects and giant inflatable concerts create entire fantasy worlds beyond our planet. So while Dire Straits keeps their feet on the ground with folksy story songs, Pink Floyd rockets into alien atmospheres. Both rule – but one will serenade you, the other space travel with you!


Yeah, you’ll probably love both of these bands, but Metallica and Pink Floyd are completely different beasts! When Metallica kicks in with pulverizing thrash anthems like “Enter Sandman,” be prepared for hardcore shredding guitar solos and pumping fists. Their intense, super-fast metal captures all the rebellious fury and energy of being young. Meanwhile, trippy Pink Floyd epics like “Comfortably Numb” unfold slowly, taking you on a chilled-out, spacey journey to the deepest parts of your mind.

Their music is less about aggression, more about floating through strange, alien dreamscapes. Both rules in concert with unreal light shows. But while Metallica will melt your face off, Pink Floyd will delicately blow your mind! So blast whichever suits your mood – fury or floating! Both bands smash records and continue to invest music today.

The Who

The Who and Pink Floyd both burst onto the rock scene in the 1960s, changing the entire music scene at that time. They threw out the rulebook and did things their own way – crafting epic concept albums, putting on crazy live shows, and blowing fans’ minds with experimental sounds.

While they’re both OG British rock icons, The Who and Pink Floyd have their own distinct flavors. The Who dishes out aggressive power chords and “My Generation” angst, while Pink Floyd serves up mellow psychedelia you can zone out to.

Some of The Who’s biggest hits like “Baba O’Riley” showcase the masterful guitar wizardry of Pete Townshend. And songs like “Another Brick in the Wall” reveal Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour’s talent for trippy, atmospheric riffs.

And let’s talk lyrics! The Who gets real about youth struggles and rebellion against the system. But Pink Floyd goes deeper philosophically – probing the mysteries of existence.

These bands paved the way for later rule-breaking rockers like Nirvana, Radiohead and beyond. The Who and Pink Floyd started a revolution in rock music that still echoes today. For musical misfits and defenders of nonconformity, these bands WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN!

The Doors

When it comes to psychedelic rock pioneers, The Doors and Pink Floyd are the OGs. They took rock into weird and wild new territory in the 1960s and ’70s with their freaky sounds, mind-bending ideas, and game-changing albums. Though their styles differ, these bands unleashed creative chaos that still echoes today.

The Doors built songs on Ray Manzarek’s spiraling organ and Jim Morrison’s poetic cowboy croon. Inspired by acid, desert visions, and poetic rebels, their hits like “Light My Fire” and “Riders on the Storm” have a dark, mystical vibe. Morrison’s wild stage antics also made them famous.

Pink Floyd blasted off into cosmic realms. Their early space cadet jams with Syd Barrett gave way to epic, experimental opuses once David Gilmour grabbed the guitar helm. By harnessing studio magic and layers of trippy sounds, albums like “Dark Side of the Moon” take listeners on mind-expanding journeys inward.

Both bands pushed boundaries with avant-garde ideas and technical innovations that widened rock’s horizons. While The Doors burned bright but fast, Pink Floyd still casts far-out echoes today. Modern mavericks like Radiohead follow the fearless, psychedelic path these trailblazing masters carved. Warp back and be transformed!

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd – two of the biggest rock bands ever! They may seem totally different, but they actually have some things in common.

First, both bands exploded onto the music scene in the 1960s and 70s and invented new genres of rock. Black Sabbath birthed heavy metal with their dark, doom-y guitar riffs. Meanwhile, Pink Floyd pioneered trippy, philosophical progressive rock. They didn’t follow trends – they set them!

Speaking of philosophy, both bands also sang about deeper themes. Black Sabbath had their chilling lyrics about war and suffering. Pink Floyd tackled feeling alone and alienated. Not your average love songs!

When it came to music, both bands took risks and got creative. Black Sabbath pretty much distorted guitars to oblivion. Pink Floyd used weird sounds and special effects. No rules – just raw self-expression!

Over the decades, both groups have influenced tons of other groups with their unique styles. You can hear Black Sabbath’s DNA in virtually all metal genres today. And Pink Floyd inspired pretty much every thinking-person’s rock band since the ’70s!

So sure, Ozzy Osbourne sounds nothing like Roger Waters. But put Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd in a boxing ring and you’d see they’re heavyweights with more in common than you think! They proved rock isn’t just pop songs – it’s art. Now THAT is metal!


While Queen music was very different from psychedelic rock bands like Pink Floyd, the two groups did share some things in common. Both bands liked to write longer, complex songs with unexpected twists and turns that kept listeners on their toes. Their songs often told stories and took you on a journey. Queen experimented with big, lush production with layers of vocals and guitars, kind of like the trippy ambience Pink Floyd was known for.

And both bands put on incredible live shows with spectacular lights and effects. Their songs made you feel big emotions too – you could rock out to something like Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” then a few songs later dive into a sweeping ballad like Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here.” These unexpected musical left turns were part of the fun and made their albums so interesting from start to finish.

Brit Floyd

While the Pink Floyd original band doesn’t tour anymore, Brit Floyd keeps their music alive by putting on amazing concerts, just like they were Pink Floyd themselves. The band formed in Liverpool, England – just like the Beatles! – and each member is a super talented musician who nails those classic Pink Floyd guitar solos, vocals, and drums.

When you go to a Brit Floyd show, it’s a lot like taking a rock and roll time machine back to the 70s. Giant inflatable pink pigs float above the crowd, trippy lights and lasers fill the arena, and they perform the songs exactly like the original recordings. Classics like “Another Brick in the Wall” and “Comfortably Numb” transport you back decades. It’s the next best thing to seeing genuine Pink Floyd back in their prime. Brit Floyd let old and new fans experience their catchy melodies and psychedelic jams live on stage.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

At first listen, Pink Floyd and Red Hot Chili Peppers don’t seem to have much in common. Floyd is the psychedelic space rock band known for epic concept albums about madness and mortality. Meanwhile, the Peppers fusion of punk and funk is perfect for jumping around in your room to. But if you look closer, they’re more alike than you think. Both bands have a knack for writing songs with super catchy melodies – it’s easy to get “Another Brick in the Wall” or “Under the Bridge” stuck in your head for hours!

Lyrically, they tackle big themes about the human mind and emotions. They also know how to put on an awesome live show, playing off each other’s energy and getting crowds going wild. While Pink Floyd’s cosmic vibe is chill and the Chili Peppers bring nonstop funky party tunes, artists from different eras can still share creative DNA.

In short, no band can ever truly replace legendary Pink Floyd. But groups like Queen, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead and more keep their spirit alive, whether with epic songs, cool experimentation, or far-out concepts. Each band on this list brings something special to the table. Please follow OtherBrick more to receive the latest information about the legendary band Pink Floyd.