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Journey along the winding roads of your daily adventure with an iconic soundtrack in tow thanks to OtherBrick’s officially licensed Pink Floyd backpacks. Each bag in this psychedelic capsule collection pays tribute to the band’s reality-reshaping album art and avant-garde attitude.

The Dark Side day pack bathes your commute in prismatic color. Watch the iconic triangle fracture light across durable canvas as you skip to the beat of “Time” and “Money.” For off-campus alternative edginess, graffiti your books across brick walls of rebellion inside The Wall backpack. Or drift away on airy guitars into the Wish You Were Here carryall negligently marked “fragile.”

Beyond album art, channel Pink Floyd’s pioneering live show spectacle on the road. The Pulse backpack spotlights the dazzling laser pyramid stage in sharpie-scrawled detail. Let Roger Waters’ famed floating pig sightsee across the Pompeii pack. Or carry the beat of your own drum wearing Nick Mason’s graphic hypnotic rhythm.

Wherever you’re headed, arrive comfort in the padded shoulder straps, breathable mesh backing and multi-compartment construction purpose-built to protect laptops, tablets, water bottles and Floydian essentials. The durable fabric withstands the wear and tear of your reality tunnel while the Fluorescent colors dazzle in supernatural psychedelia.

For over 50 years, Pink Floyd filled gaping voids in music’s soul. Now OtherBrick fills the void in your loadout for expression with backpacks that interdimensionally transport your vibe. Hurtle toward your destination while paying homage to one of rock’s most envelope-pushing forces of nature.