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Take a Trip with Pink Floyd Sleeve Skinny Stainless Steel Tumblers

Transport yourself back in time with our far-out collection of Pink Floyd Sleeve Skinny Stainless Steel Tumblers. Whether you’re a diehard fan longing for the psychedelic 60s and 70s or just love the band’s iconic album art and music, these tumblers make it easy to show your appreciation in style.

Featuring slim double-wall stainless steel construction wrapped in vibrant graphics from Pink Floyd records like The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, and The Wall, our tumblers will keep your drinks frosty and delicious for hours. The insulating layer also prevents messy condensation rings on your table. Just fill with your favorite cold beer, iced tea, lemonade, and more while the music plays.

With tough durability to withstand daily use plus lids to prevent spills on the go, our officially licensed Pink Floyd Sleeve Skinny Stainless Steel Tumblers let you rep the legendary band wherever you roam. Keep the trippy vibes alive and order yours today!

Explore our Pink Floyd Sleeve Skinny Stainless Steel Tumblers details and specs

Transport your favorite icy drinks from dawn to dusk while paying tribute to one of rock’s greatest bands with our Pink Floyd Skinny Stainless Steel Tumblers.

Expertly constructed using durable 304 stainless steel, each tumbler features a slim double-wall design that creates a vacuum layer to maintain temperatures 50% longer than standard single-wall vessels. Just fill with chilled water, lemonade, iced tea, coffee, or your preferred beverage and the encapsulated air helps block heat transfer and prevents condensation.

Whether you’re a rugged outdoor explorer or simply commuting to the office or school, the insulation provides freezer-quality cooling for an impressively long 24 hours. Hot drinks like coffee, tea, and cocoa also stay steaming hot for up to 12 hours.

Every tumbler includes a push-down lid with an integrated straw opening for comfortable sipping on the move. The attached lid prevents messy spills in transit, giving you leakproof transport. Vibrant custom graphics spanning Pink Floyd’s iconic album art further let you show off your fandom wherever the day takes you.

Bring superior insulation performance and psychedelic style to all your adventures with one of our distinct Pink Floyd Skinny Stainless Steel Tumblers.

The Design canvas of Pink Floyd Sleeve Skinny Stainless Steel Tumblers

Our Pink Floyd Skinny Stainless Steel Tumblers encapsulate the band’s groundbreaking aesthetic across over 50 years of legendary albums. Each vessel in the collection features colorful graphics printed directly onto durable stainless steel for vibrant durability.

Choose from the prism refracting a spectrum of light on The Dark Side of the Moon, the brick-laden wall being constructed on the aptly named The Wall, and the enigmatic burning man visage found on Wish You Were Here.

Fans of the band’s early experimental psychedelic rock days can also opt for tumblers boasting kaleidoscopic backgrounds, swirling and melting fonts, and fantastical dreamscapes echoing albums like The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, A Saucerful of Secrets, and Meddle.

While paying homage to your musical heroes, our officially licensed Pink Floyd tumbler lineup adds a conversation-starting yet functional accent to any space. Use them in your home, office, dorm room, car, or even at parties and concerts. The double-walled insulation will keep drinks deliciously cold or piping hot for hours.

With countless album cover options to choose from, our Pink Floyd Skinny Stainless Steel Tumblers make the perfect gift for fans wanting to rep their favorite recordings. Relive the music and magic with every sip!

Guide to buy Floyd Sleeve Skinny Stainless Steel Tumblers at OtherBrick

Step 1: Browse the Collection

Head to OtherBrick and click “Shop” then “Drinkware” to view our entire collection of Pink Floyd tumblers. Browse designs featuring album art from Wish You Were Here, The Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, and more while imagining your favorite graphic wrapped around a slim steel vessel.

Step 2: Select Your Design

Choose the album art or graphic you want most. Options range from the prism and rainbow light beams from Dark Side to the brick wall from The Wall and the burning man from Wish You Were Here. We have tumblers representing music from every era of Pink Floyd so every fan can rep their personal favorites.

Step 3: Choose Size & Quantity

Decide if you want a 20 oz or 30 oz skinny tumbler then select how many you want to order. Buy one stellar tumbler just for you or grab multiples to give as groovy gifts. Add the desired quantity to your cart.

Step 4: Complete Secure Checkout

When ready, head to checkout enter your shipping address, email, and payment information through our 100% secure 256-bit SSL encrypted checkout. All major credit cards accepted!

Step 5: Sit Back & Await Delivery

You’re all done! Now just eagerly anticipate the arrival of your new Pink Floyd tumbler(s). We pack & ship quickly so they’ll be in your hands making beverages bodacious in no time! Unbox, wash, then fill with your favorite brew while blasting your beloved Floyd records. Rock on!

With our far-out collection of Pink Floyd Skinny Stainless Steel Tumblers, you can rep your fandom for the legendary band in psychedelic style while enjoying temperature-controlled beverages. Featuring colorful album art prints and vacuum-insulated double walls to maintain cold and heat, theseconversation-starting tumblers keep drinks deliciously chilled for 24 hours no matter where your musical journey takes you.

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