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Journey back to the early days of Pink Floyd with our exclusive “A Saucerful of Secrets” collectibles. Originally released in 1968, this sophomore effort captures the pioneering British rockers expanding their psychedelic soundscapes even further into uncharted territories. Swirling, spacey epics like “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun” and the mind-bending title track pioneered new studio techniques while showcasing the bold experimentation that would become Pink Floyd’s trademark.

Our high-quality vinyl editions let you experience this pioneering album as if you were one of the enlightened youths dropping the needle on an original pressing back in the Summer of Love. With remastered audio approved by Pink Floyd themselves, these limited releases also replicate the band’s avant-garde EMI/Columbia packaging to transport you through time. Or brighten up your home, office, or wardrobe with T-shirts, mugs, posters and more featuring the iconic kaleidoscopic cover art, sure to inspire cosmic conversations.

Beyond the grooves, we also offer rare archival photos, performance memorabilia, and modern artistic interpretations celebrating Pink Floyd’s early innovation. Own an exclusive piece of psychedelic history with the sounds and images that shaped the space rock genre. Whether you lived through the 60s or just wish you did, our curated “Saucerful” selection will speak volumes to your refined musical taste.

Let OtherBrick take your Pink Floyd fandom to interstellar levels with these lovingly crafted tributes to their sophomore effort. With production limited to 1968 quantities, products won’t last long – so embark on your psychedelic journey back in time today!

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