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Transform with the music through Pink Floyd’s kaleidoscopic decades of changing psychedelia in OtherBrick’s officially licensed double-sided t-shirt collection. Each graphic tee fuses two of the band’s most indelible album eras into one mind-altering trip of comfortable cotton.

The Wish You Were Here shirt superimposes the iconic cover’s mechanical handshake over the eerie experimentation of Ummagumma. Watch technology consume humanity while prog rock instrumentals echo innovation’s dangers. Or experience the division between animals and machines with Animals and The Wall depicted back-to-back. Feel the social commentary in each dystopian vision while gandering at Animals’ playful yet menacing sheep.

Beyond albums, showcase the many dimensions of Pink Floyd’s artistry. One side of the Pulse shirt immerses you in the band’s final extravagant tour while the flipside transports you to the raw energy of their formative years playing London’s underground scene. With each wash, the colors evolve like the band, fading and reforming in new sonic patterns.

OtherBrick double-sided shirts are carefully constructed for long-lasting comfort no matter which era you showcase. The tagless cotton and durable prints hold their psychedelic brilliance wash after wash so you can rotate between your many moods. High definition graphics retain nuances true to the original artwork.

For over 50 years, Pink Floyd refashioned reality through sound. Now, OtherBrick refashions Pink Floyd iconography into versatile visionary fashion essentials. Switch between the profound masterpieces that molded the face of progressive rock with the flip of a shirt.