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Wrap yourself in nostalgia with our line of ultra-soft Pink Floyd blankets. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering the magic of the legendary psychedelic rock band, these blankets let you wrap up in musical comfort.

Featuring iconic album artwork and designs from Pink Floyd’s entire career, our blankets spotlight legendary albums like The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, and The Wall. The trippy prism design from Dark Side looks positively groovy on a plush throw, and the image of the inflatable Animals pig seems to float across a fuzzy fleece. Song titles and cryptic lyrics also adorn some blankets, like the one with a repeating “Time” design reminiscent of the clocks in the song.

Beyond the visual callbacks, the fabrics themselves evoke Pink Floyd’s dreamy aesthetic. The ultra-soft microfleece is perfect for getting Comfortably Numb, while a luxe velvet throw seems touched by the band’s avant garde eccentricities. We also have tie-dyed and psychedelic print options for fans who really want to shine on, you crazy diamonds!

These toasty Floyd blankets aren’t just concert merchandise. They’re immersive music experiences you can wrap yourself inside, inviting Purple Haze dreams filled with Echoes of your favorite songs. So don’t hesitate to grab your blanket and head Further On Up the Road to musical bliss! We guarantee these blankets will take you to the Dark Side of the Moon and back.