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Add a touch of Pink Floyd to your home bar with our high-quality coasters featuring iconic album artwork and imagery. These durable cork coasters make the perfect gift for any Floyd fanatic.

Our Dark Side of the Moon coasters depict the iconic prism design in vivid color. Place your drinks on these psychedelic squares and admire the rainbow spectrum shine with each sip. Spark conversations about your favorite tracks from this seminal Pink Floyd album that still holds up 50 years later.

For more poignant bar chatter, sip atop our Wish You Were Here coasters illustrated with two burning men shaking hands. Feel the music flow as you ponder the existential lyrics of “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and debate which albums better capture the band’s progressive rock genius.

If you prefer coasters that make a bolder statement, check out our The Wall designs showcasing the titular wall itself in brick and barbed wire. They’re perfect for diehard fans who want to figuratively tear down walls with the abrasive arena rock sounds of “In The Flesh?” and “Run Like Hell”.

Or show your appreciation for Animals with coasters featuring the memorable cover art pigs. Let these oinkers levitate drinks while you impress your friends with trivia from this underrated gem.

Whatever era or album is your favorite, OtherBrick’s Pink Floyd coasters will keep your tabletops water ring-free while displaying your exquisite musical tastes. They also make fantastic collector’s items for longtime fans. Shop our limited edition designs now before they sell out!