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Aloha, Pink Floyd fans! Transport yourself to paradise with OtherBrick’s exclusive line of Hawaiian shirts featuring the band’s iconic album artwork strewn across breezy summer fabrics. It’s the perfect marriage of psychedelic rock cool and tropical vibes.

The Wish You Were Here Hawaiian Shirt transforms the two burning businessmen into island imagery, still shaking hands now framed by swaying palms instead of void. Scattered song titles float like ships across the sea blue fabric. Slip it on and instantly feel more laidback yet still surreal, primed for debates about capitalism’s emptiness poolside.

For flashier vacation attire, button up The Wall Hawaiian Shirt, the epic album cover collage reimagined with tropical textures. Bricks become hibiscus, bombs burst into pineapple rings, the crying mother sheds flower petals instead of tears. Feel the heavier themes lift away with the ocean breeze as you lounge and nod along to mellower cuts like “Nobody Home” and “Comfortably Numb.”

And no true collector can forget the Animals Hawaiian Shirt with the iconicpig silhouettes marching across a red tropic backdrop. Pack for your island pig roast while spinning thought-provoking takes on how the political themes still resonate today.

Dress the part of psychedelic rock scholar on your next beachside retreat with OtherBrick’s stylish Pink Floyd summer line. The surreal designs prompt double takes and intellectual discussion while the loose linen keeps you cool. because while gold may be fleeting, a funky shirt is forever!