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Wrap yourself in Pink Floyd auditory perfection with our line of ultra-plush hooded blankets. Far beyond standard swaddles, these oversized covers immerse fans inside the band’s iconic album imagery, almost transporting you into the records themselves.

Choose the Wish You Were Here Hooded Blanket to enter the alienating atmosphere of the titular nine-minute epic. Two burning men clasp hands on the fleece front while the songs haunting refrain repeats across the back, surrounding you completely. Pull up the hood and fade into the ghostly sound as if you’re being swallowed by the mix.

The Dark Side of the Moon option traps you inside the legendary prism triangle, rainbow colors radiating all around. Black velvet hood and piping provide stark contrast, echoing the lunar themes tied to madness and finality. Drape it on your bed or over an armchair to recreate the sensorial experience of hearing this masterpiece for the first time.

And for Pink Floyd’s most ambitious concept piece, only The Wall fully enveloping fleece will do. Brick sleeve art spans front and back, transporting you behind the symbolic barrier being constructed brick by brick within the operatic recording. Feel as comfortably numb as Pink himself in this warm, all-encompassing asylum.

Part high-quality decoration, part transportive cover, OtherBrick‘s immersive Pink Floyd blankets are perfect for diehard fans and gift givers alike. Live albums as art installations with premium materials bringing auditory opuses to vivid life. Never leave the Floyd frame of mind again!