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Make the mundane magic once more with OtherBrick’s line of Pink Floyd laundry baskets. Far more than mundane hampers, these canvas catchalls transform dirty clothes depositing into engaging band experiences to look forward to.

The Wish You Were Here model spotlights the iconic album cover, two business men mid-handshake burning against a black backdrop. Toss your socks and undies into the fire, imagining the strange sensation of your garments going up in flames. Feel lighter as your linen burden disintegrates before your eyes.

For more glam loads, shine on with our Sparkling Prism Laundry Basket. Inspired by Dark Side of the Moon’s iconic triangle art, this basket refracts light into a rainbow disco ball. Trip out on the glimmering spectra as you sort delicates and pit-stained tees. By the final load, even scruffy attire looks suitable for the disco.

And true band historians will appreciate the Relics Basket, printed with obscure photos and early single art spanning Pink Floyd’s many eras. Study the imagery between each wash, absorbing the eclectic visual evolution of the legendary act. With every dirty deposit, discover new gems in their storied catalog.

Laundry is less a loathsome task than a carnival ride when your hamper doubles as Pink Floyd art piece. OtherBrick’s novel basket designs infuse chore with wonder once more. Toss, wash and fold as classic tracks play – you’ll look forward to each psychedelic spin cycle.