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Guard your mind, body and Floyd fandom with our out-of-this-world lineup of Pink Floyd protective face masks. Far more than routine disposables, these reusable facial coverings teleport wearers straight into the band’s iconic album imagery and psychedelic soundscapes.

The Wish You Were Here face mask spotlights the legendary album cover, featuring two businessmen locked in fiery handshake against an infinite black backdrop. Adjust the nose wire as you debate whether the image symbolizes camaraderie or alienation.

For flashier PPE, wear The Dark Side of the Moon surgical mask, the iconic color-bursting prism splashing across medical blue fabric. Ghostly rainbow triangles seem to project kaleidoscopic light shows onto your surroundings with each turn of the head.

Or don our Animals design mask, those infamous Floyd pig silhouettes floating in black formation across your mouth and cheeks. Grunt along to the bassline of “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” and shock the uninitiated with your overwhelming porcine essence.

Whatever your favorite era, wearing a Pink Floyd mask sends an audiovisual signal – declaring your allegiance to one of music’s most envelope pushing bands without saying a word. The high thread count cotton construction ensures both Floyd flair and COVID protection with atomic filter built right in. Breathe in legendary band history and breathe out infectious droplets. Stay safe in psychedelic style!