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Cocoon yourself in Pink Floyd auditory perfection with OtherBrick’s officially licensed Oodie hoodie blankets. Far more than standard sweatshirts, these plush pullovers surround fans in the band’s iconic album art, their oversized fitdesigned for getting lost in legendary soundscapes.

The Dark Side Oodie Cloak envelops you in the iconic triangle prism cover, shoulder to ankle. Slip under its sherpa interior and disappear into color-bursting psychedelia, the world fading away as you become one with the sonic spectrum.

For more alienating apparel, lose yourself in The Wall Oodie Straight Jacket with its conceptual brick sleeve art consuming your entire body. Only your face peeks out from behind the imposing red barrier and barbed wire accent. Float through the gradients of madness and masterpiece as Pink during his descent into isolation.

Or blast off into outer space wearing the Wish You Were Here Astronaut Oodie, featuring the album’s two burning figures printed largely across the back. Feel their mysterious pain and longing as you disappear into the black hood, brooding over the question mark hidden inside.

However you channel Floyd fervor, Oodie’s über cozy creations cradle fans in cotton-candy contentment. Their oversized shoulder drop and deluxe fabric welcome marathon listening sessions. So shine on and tune out external static wrapped inside your musical security blanket!