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Carry Pink Floyd’s reality-bending iconography in your pocket all day by slipping your phone into OtherBrick’s officially licensed phone case collection. Their dedicated designers transformed the band’s surreal sounds and visions into fashion that amplifies your fandom on every call.

The Wish You Were Here case surrounds your device in the album’s eerie mechanical handshake. When you tire of conformity, flip to the dark rebellion depicted on The Wall case. Its ominous symbol glares from the grip of your hand as you bash through barriers. Or embrace the Animals case as the prophet pig breezes across smokestacks from the corner of your screen.

Beyond album art, showcase Pink Floyd’s avant-garde innovation with cases celebrating their pioneering technology. The Pulse case draws you into the immersive world of their wild light shows and stage spectacles. Let the psychedelic laser colors dance across your phone’s facade as you dial into the event horizon. Even utilitarian wallets embody the band’s futurism, like the Dark Side wallet case beaming prismatic rainbows from card slots.

All of OtherBrick’s phone cases are deliberately built to securely channel a piece of Pink Floyd’s legacy into your routine. The slim, durable plastic construction withstands scrapes and drops while the subtle texture ensures a sturdy grip. Watch official Pink Floyd imagery fracture into a thousand points of Light without fear of scratching thanks to damage-defiant tempered glass screen protectors included with every purchase.